Wall colours for indoors and outdoors

Give your walls the right paint with RENODRY

„Mineral, ecologically harmless, regulates indoor climate and indoor air, uniform vertical heat distribution.“

We have various high-quality wall paints in our assortment. What all our colours have in common is that they are breathable. They are perfectly matched to our plasters, so that the open porosity of the plasters is not restricted, and the performance of the dehumidifying plasters does not decrease.


What is aerodurit® SOLAMENT climatic silicate paint?

The paint is a mineral, solvent-free, water-thinnable, high-performance, diffusion-open, highly covering silicate paint, based on high-quality silicates and thermo-isolating pigmentation.

Where can I use the paint?

On mineral substrates such as concrete wall and ceiling surfaces, cement and lime-cement plaster, masonry, gypsum plaster, lime sand and natural stone as well as fibre-cement slabs. Also suitable for all adherent lime, mineral and silicate old coats.

The wall paints used by us are mineral, ecologically harmless, regulate the indoor climate and air and offer even vertical heat distribution (no cold feet). They are ideal for allergy sufferers.

What advantages do I have with the aerodurit® SOLAMENT climate silicate paint?

• breathable
• stain-dissolving
• washable
• permanent dehumidification
• well covering
• colourfast
• easy to process
• reverberatory
• hydrophobic
• bactericidal (no culture medium for fungi)


Further wall colours in the assortment

On request we also have other colours in our assortment, such as the aerodurit® CALSOL climate lime paint – a mineral product of the highest biological quality, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, old and new buildings of all kinds. It has been used successfully for years in the protection of historical monuments and in renovations and is the ideal supplement to our dehumidifying plaster.

Advantage of the CALSOL climate lime paint

• highly breathable & covering
• moisture-regulating
• weather-resistant
• antibacterial
• odours are neutralized
• high p-H value

• prevents mould growth
• heat reflecting & regulating
• high adhesion on substrates
• no chalking
• energy saving
• easy to process

Do not make any compromises when renovating masonry. We renovate damp masonry sustainably and with the right wall paints. With us you don’t get half solutions, but everything from one source. Contact us for a quote.