Dehumidifying Plaster

Dehumidify and renovate your walls with RENODRY

With our special dehumidifying plaster aerodurit® it is possible in most cases to restore earth-touching walls with penetrating moisture.

Our dehumidifying plaster eliminates the need for costly additional measures such as:

  • Drainage
  • Cutting
  • Re-plastering walls below ground level
  • Sealing work, nap foils, insulation, drainage
  • Landscaping following the construction work

With an air pore content of approx. 29% and porosity of 45%, our plaster is highly open-pored, which means that moisture is removed from the walls very quickly – faster than it can flow in from the outside.


Restoration plaster or dehumidification plaster – which one should I choose?

There are many different plasters on the market, which one is right for me? It depends on which tasks the plaster has to do. If your masonry is affected by mould, damp, or if there is a danger that your walls will become damp – be it due to condensation, rising ground moisture, water penetrating through the walls touching the ground – then you should choose aerodurit® dehumidifying plaster. Even if you live in flood-prone areas, aerodurit® is the right choice. Do you lack thermal insulation? aerodurit® also solves this problem. Be it inside and/or outside.


What to do if I already have damp walls?

In this case you should use our aerodurit® dehumidifying plaster. It can be applied to wet and salty masonry without the masonry having to be dried first.

The positive results can already be noticed after approx. 4 – 6 weeks!

And there will be no more moisture stains, salt efflorescence or flaking of the paint.


The difference to other plasters

The plaster used by us can be applied immediately to wet and salted masonry, has no service life and usually replaces permanent vertical insulation, whereby cost savings of up to 70% are possible.

What other advantages do I have with the aerodurit® plaster?

• permanently dehumidifying, due to stable and high capillary conductivity
• permanently highly diffusible (breathable)
• wide, natural thermal insulation due to high proportion of air voids
• heat storage capacity
• soundproofing
• prevents condensation and mould formation
• age and shape resistant
• also adheres to very wet and salt-loaded masonry
• healthy living climate
• resistant against possible wall salts
• no shrinkage, shortening of the plaster during the drying process
• even driving rain can only penetrate a few millimetres into the plaster
• no costly waiting times between usual plaster layers necessary
• The renovation can be completed in 3 working days at approx. 100 m².
• no side digging, vertical and horizontal barriers necessary
• purely natural, free of pollutants, without synthetic chemistry
• only one material for the plaster construction, instead of 4 as with renovation plasters
• easy to process
• can be processed by hand and machine
• tested according to DIN V 18550 / DIN EN 998-1, mortar group CS II


Where can I apply the plaster?

  • for cellar renovations
  • flood damage, also preventive for wall protection
  • plinth plaster, city walls, towers
  • for old and new buildings as interior and exterior rendering
  • buildings in rural areas, all coastal and water structures
  • in humid rooms (prevents condensation)
  • for critical underground (e.g. with limited strength and load-bearing capacity – on a case-by-case basis)
  • monument protection, historical buildings such as churches, castles and museums
  • as breathable, ecological, healthy interior plaster in old and new buildings

Dehumidifying plaster Price & Cost saving

What cost savings are associated with the plaster?

Compared to conventional renovations, our plaster can SAVE UP TO 70% COST!

In addition, energy savings of up to 30% are possible with aerodurit® dehumidifying plasters and climate colour combination.

Please contact us for a detailed offer. We will gladly apply the plaster to you.


Tested by Austrian building institute according to ÖNORM (Austrian norm)

Our dehumidifying plaster was tested under difficult conditions in a long-term study by the Building-technical Institute Linz with other renovation plasters according to ÖNORM and was clearly the plaster that came out best:

“The aerodurit EP 2010 was the only product that remained crack-free in the final result when applied to damp masonry. The proof of resistance to chemical attack (in particular by masonry salts) could also be provided for the areodurit EP 2010.”

Make no compromises when renovating and dehumidifying masonry. Contact us for an offer, we will be happy to apply our highly efficient dehumidification plaster to you by RENODRY specialists.